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In this increasingly confusing, complex and competitive world teenagers need, more than ever, the skills and resources they need to protect themselves while creating the life that they want.  This means, Mum and Dad, that they're going to need to learn how to discern congruent communication from incongruent communication, learn how to discover what is important to them, learn how to generate their own mental and emotional balance, and learn how to find their own purposes and achieve their own goals.  To this end there is no finer set of tools than Neuro-Linguistict Programming (NLP).  Teenagers can learn NLP to achieve all of the above and more.  And if you want to give them the best start in life then you will want them to have the choice to learn NLP.

An excellent first step is the book "Teenagers: Your Essential Guide to the Weird World of... Adults"    This book shows teenagers, and their parents, how to use language effectively, how to protect themselves from the impositions of others, and how to find what is most important to them and translate their personal criteria into desirable, personal goals.



Back Cover of 'Teenagers: Your Essential Guide to the Weird World of... Adults'

How weird is the world of adults?  At last, a book for teenagers that tells it how it is.

This book shows you how you can protect yourself in the weird world of adults.  It also shows you how to develop effective thinking strategies to find your own direction and create the life you want.

Learn how adults use language to influence you to behave as expected.   Learn how adults use language to influence you to be a particular type of person.  Discover the mental tools that really do give you the freedom to choose.  Explore the possibility of living an extraordinary life beyond the limitations of adult beliefs.

Topics include; how adults use language, relationships, sex, freedom of choice, Ecological Thinking, religion and beliefs, conservation and environment… and the purpose of your life.

"Firstly, as a client, and then as a consultant, the techniques of NLP have changed my life, and the life of my children.  I now have three teenagers.  When I trained in NLP, I realised that my children, their friends, their peers, could learn, if they wanted to, the techniques that could have served my life better if I had learned them 20 or more years earlier!!!  And indeed my teenagers have responded to the techniques in ways that even they admit are making a difference in their general happiness, relating with others, knowing and achieving what they want to experience in their lives."

(Leesa Schuh)

Adults wage wars, kill each other, destroy environments, wipe out species, create pollution and poverty, and encourage division between people through beliefs… and these are the same people who think they know what’s best for you!

In this book you will discover what you really can do with your mind and how you can protect yourself. The world is there for you to create and with these tools we imagine that you can do a whole lot better than the adults before you.



Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the only technology available today that can explain how your mind works and how to use it in a systematic and effective way.

NLP is the respectful way to relate to yourself and others.

NLP is the ecological approach to exploring and achieving personal and community goals.

NLP is an essential tool that every teenager can learn to protect themselves in this confusing, complex and competitive world.

NLP is universally recognised as the most advanced system for self-development and is focused on what is important to teenagers rather than what others think teenagers should do.


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Teenagers: Your Essential Guide to the Weird World of... Adults

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